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Tony Diamond
Pebble on The Beach.
What happened to the kids of Quantas Flight QF531, 28 April ‘65 to Sydney Australia?
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Author: Tony Diamond - The Children
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Left is a photo of Tony and his brothers. The photo was  taken just after they came out of care. Part of this photo was later used on the cover for Pebble On The Beach.

Although the future looked bleak for Tony at the beginning of 1966, things improved dramatically and in the summer of that year he met Linda, who had come down to Brighton on holiday. Tony and Linda were married two years later and are still happily married to this day. Their daughter, Pauline, was born in 1968.


Since the events recounted, Tony and his family have lived a very colourful life, and have lived all over the UK and Australia. Over that time, Tony has started a number of businesses, some successful, some not – but that’s a different story. In 1986, despite being dyslexic, Tony took a year off to research and write his story, Pebble on The Beach.


Tony’s research into the events of his childhood led him to being reunited with his half sisters, Janet and Valerie, in 1996. In 2000 he literally bumped into Derek Tanner (son of Chunky and brother of his half sister Judith) while on holiday in Australia, and has remained close ever since. Tony continues to search for his half brother, James Allen, who was given up for adoption.


Once written, Pebble on The Beach, remained in Tony’s loft for twenty years until a chance encounter brought his story to Queenspark Publishers.  There’s a saying; “Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.” Tony Diamond truly has.


Tony Diamonds Story